Slow Bird

"[w]ith mood lighting and emotion pouring out on every song, Slow Bird will definitely make a huge impression on the NW's indie scene."
--Kyle Helstein (

Slow Bird is an American indie rock trio, created in Seattle, Washington during March of 2011. The musical collaboration was conceived by Joshua Dore (guitar), Matthew Street (drums, bass), and Jennae Quisenberry (Fender Rhodes, vocals.) Intensely dynamic, the composition flows with constantly evolving tones and interludes which ascend into pivotal zeniths of emotion. The soaring guitar leads compliment the haunting vocals which constantly cascade into visceral sentiment; submerged with rich bass tones and driving drums. The experience elucidates the audience into full attention, the termination of which leaves the listener plummeting back into tumultuous reality.

Listed by DLIST magazine as one of Seattle's up and coming artists to watch in 2013, Slow Bird is an experience you won't want to miss as their impact deepens across the northwestern music scene.

Jennae Quisenberry- Vocals, Fender Rhodes Piano
Joshua Dore- Guitars
Matt Street- Synthesizer, Drums

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